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About Us

XY cave the best gift box for guys


We at XY Cave know that finding the perfect gift for your most cherished man takes time and a lot of effort – imagine going through rows and rows of products at the mall and spending hours after hours online just to find a gift they would appreciate and love.

That's why we want gift-giving to be a breeze for you! Nope! We are not talking about plain old gift box wrapped in fancy colored papers adorned with ribbons. When we say gift, we mean something that your guy would be excited to unbox.

How do we plan to excite your man? Create a “smashing” gift box that they would be thrilled to have – even just by looking at the exterior! Our gift boxes are made from high quality wood that you and your man can even use as a home decor right after opening them.

Inside each box are carefully chosen items pre-determined depending on the theme that you will be choosing. But what makes our wooden gift box amazing? No, it’s not just the wooden box or the products inside that makes them stand out, but the exciting SEALED CLAY JAR and HAMMER that comes along with it! A one-of-a-kind gift made just for him.

Men love to do heavy work –cracking and breaking are a couple of them. Let them show off their muscle and brawn when they break the jar open using the hammer and watch their happy face when they see the reward!

Who am I and why do I know so much about men and what they like? My name is Ouassim ELAIR, the founder and CEO of XY Cave. The whole idea of this project started when I bought a gift for my father – it was aTIE (surprise!). Nah, he was not the least bit surprised about it and in fact, guessed what was inside the box before he even opened the wrappings.

I know he appreciates the thought however; it took out the fun in gift-giving. So, I talked to my wife and told her how gifts should be an exciting manly experience for us. I thought to myself and came up with the idea of breaking Jars instead of tearing wrappers! Lucky for me my wife was very supportive of my cause and so I left my 9 to 5 job as a CPA to start this amazing adventure!

Join me as we create wooden gift boxes uniquely made for the man of your life! Subscribe to our mailing list and always be ahead with our latest products and new offerings!

We are XY Cave, and we deliver happiness in a wooden box.